Mining Solutions
Section far shares based on strong research and development capabilities, the comprehensive utilization of modern science and technology, for the development of the field of mining automation control system.
Program Overview

Mining industry is an important part of national security as well as an important basic industry of national economy. Based on powerful R&D strength and utilizing modern science and technology comprehensively, SCIYON has developed an automation control system in mining industry. The system is featured by open, safe and advanced expandability and is stable and easy to use, providing secure and reliable guarantee for the development of mining industry. The equipment sticks to the principle of high security, safe operation, convenient use, simple installation and maintenance, and reasonable price.

This system can not only effectively increase the general automation level of mining industry, but also reduce corporate costs and increase the utilization efficiency of equipment. It contributes to the constant and healthy development of China's mining industry, increases the international competitiveness, and creates more economic and social benefits for enterprises and citizens.

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