Service Philosophy

"Customer demand as the center, to serve as the guide" for each customer, to provide a unique professional services.
Service Commitment

500 technical experts trained with rich experience, distribute in more than 30 service centers around the world, 24/7/365 constantly providing you all-around and zero-distance services.

We provide you the following high quality service
  • 專業的設計與谘詢
    Professional Design
  • 高品質的現場調製
    High-quality field modulation
  • 全天的售後服務
    All-day after-sales service
  • 全生命周期的備品備件
    Full-cycle spare parts
  • 完善的升級與改造
    Improve the upgrading
  • 定製化的高效培訓
    Customized and efficient training
  • 周密的設備點檢
    Exquisite equipment inspection
  • 零距離的遠程診斷與協助
    Zero distance remote diagnosis